“After having practiced Iyengar Yoga for many years I felt that I needed a new approach to yoga. My body needed something else, to allow more space and softness inside, for my spirit to grow and expand.”


hayley north yoga teacher

The yoga practice that I share is grounded in the principles of the work of Vanda Scaravelli. In this approach, we have three constant companions on whom we place our focus and attention – gravity, the breath and the spine.

Workshops & Retreats

Details of live in person classes and workshops will be announced soon. In the meantime we can move together via Zoom. Please email me to discuss.

This way of working is suitable for anyone and provides an intelligent framework to take into any other practice. Whilst undoing tension and habitual conditioning in the body, we find not only an increased feeling of integration and wholeness in the physical body, it also allows us to release held emotional tension and strengthens our sense of connection.

Classes can be dynamic, flowing, still and more internal, working with classical asanas, creative movement, pranayama and meditation. It depends on what I am currently exploring in my own practice, the needs of the group, the weather – many factors that can determine the form of a lesson. They are also inspired by my love of dance and other movement disciplines such as Feldenkrais, Gyrokinesis, Continuum, Somatics, Gaga and Qi Gong.

I also find great fulfilment in working individually and in the retreat environment, where there is the opportunity to go deeper. To find out more about how to work with me and for up and coming workshops or events contact me directly here.

​My introduction to this Yoga began at the Natural Bodies Centre in Brighton, UK. It was here that I completed a 3 year teacher training facilitated by Gary Carter. I was fortunate during this time to be introduced to inspiring teachers such as Diane Long, Sophie Hoare, Liz Warrington, Elizabeth Pauncz, Monica Voss and most notably, John Stirk, with whom I have studied for over 18 years.

.. During 12 days of intensive practice with Hayley in Goa, I discovered a whole new way of expressing myself through yoga, and a new approach to the asanas.

I immediately felt an enormous amount of trust with Hayley, she has the capacity to be sensitive and at the same time so strong. Her ability to see who you are and guide you deeper into your own body is absolutely extraordinary and she very lovingly helped my body to unfold like a beautiful flower.”

Nikki Escott, Retreat Manager UK