“Yoga… it is a living process that changes moment by moment, watching when we eat, how we eat, when we walk, how we walk, what we say and how we say it. All these things must be present in us and we must be passionately interested in them all.”

Quote by Vanda Scaravelli

about hayley north yoga teacher

All that I offer through my work has come through my own personal journey. I combine a love of food, holistic cookery, yoga and the healing arts, bodywork and meditation, in a way that helps and inspires others to discover what works for them.

My work with food education and cookery has become what it is because of yoga. For me there is a deep relationship between the practice on the mat and preparing a meal in the kitchen.

I spent 15 years in the mainstream catering industry before discovering yoga. This completely changed my understanding of food, cooking and nutrition. Since then, over the last 20 years, I have been refining and defining my work as a holistic chef.

Bringing together the practice of yoga with the art of cooking, I bring a level of subtlety, depth and sensitivity that allows others to feel supported and nourished.

The food that I offer is much more than ‘healthy or ‘clean’ eating and the yoga I teach more than simply asana or physical movement. Through both, I am always looking for balance and harmony, integration on all levels and a quality of being that is calm, fluid and centered.

“Hayley’s sensitivity to the energy of the ingredients, intuition and love for cooking is deeply apparent. Each dish is carefully considered in relation to what else is being served, at what point in the retreat and in accordance with what we were doing in the yoga practice over the days.”

“We all agreed that we were eating really delicious food, something more than just vegetarian fare. From the smell to the preparation, in all its colours and varieties, to the taste. Each meal is balanced in flavours, colours, textures, nourishing on all levels and keeping us comfortably satisfied for hours.”

Liz Warrington, Yoga Teacher & Cranial Sacral Therapist

Experiencing your cooking and watching you cook has inspired me to become a more mindful chef. You have shown me that my daily food preparation can also be my yoga and mindfulness practice.

You have also inspired me to slow down in the kitchen, to enjoy the ingredients and all the moments spent preparing them.

I realise I am looking at the peak of a mountain and that it will not be a smooth or easy journey but watching you this weekend has encouraged me to take the first steps!

Kate Scotland, Retreat Participant, Norfolk