“Hayley’s passion for what she does is truly inspiring. I have learnt so much – a tremendous and heartfelt thank you!”

Retreat Participant

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I LOVE to show up in new places and meet new people, smell new smells, taste new flavours and breath a different air. I LOVE collaborating and sharing with like minded others and would LOVE to hear from you, wherever you are in the world.

Let’s together connect through projects that serve to benefit people and community, nature and local economy. By working together we can make real difference and positive lasting change. I look forward to hearing from you.

“I recently attended a weeks retreat with Hayley on one of her Bloom Holistic Retreats with Kirsten Chick. Together we prepared and cooked healthy, amazing, divine food and I was totally blown away by the level of expertise and skill this woman has! I have never met anyone so confident, experienced and knowledgeable. Seriously, she should be cloned, brought into all homes and schools and all children have this as their basic education. All the other participants were just as much in awe as I was, I know because I saw it in their faces. So glad I met her.”

Johanna, London