“The best retreat food ever! I am so grateful for the nourishing and truly delicious meals that Hayley provided for our group. Her philosophy of care, presence and attention pervaded everything she provided for us. Hayley’s mindful approach to healthy eating and cooking was a true support for our practice. “

Liz Slade, Meditation Teacher, US

hayley north holistic chef

Retreat Catering

Over two decades I have cooked for hundreds of retreats – everything from yoga holidays, intensive retreats, teacher trainings, business coaching retreats, fitness bootcamps, detox retreats, meditation and silent retreats to plant medicine ceremonies.

My journey to specialising in retreat cooking came through first being a retreat participant myself.

As a yoga practitioner and teacher that has attended many retreats over the years, I became fascinated and curious about working with food as part of my practice. This I believe, gives me an insiders insight. It helps me bring another quality and dimension to the meals that I create.

What I offer is retreat catering with a difference, that is so much more than simply ‘healthy, tasty’ food.

Embracing natural ingredients, bringing influence from travel, culture and tradition, integrating western nutrition and eastern approaches, I work mindfully and from the heart. The food I prepare not only tastes great, it nourishes and brings joy, inspires and educates.

I choose to work with people who are not afraid to go the extra mile. People that understand the importance of food on retreats and who want to offer their guests an exceptional experience.

If you like the sound of what I do and would like to work with me on your retreat then please get in touch, I would love to hear from you. Together we can design menu’s that are fully supportive of your retreat and aligned with the practices on offer.

I have also trained and shared my experience with over 80 fellow retreat chefs, through a pioneering Retreat Chef Training programme that I co-facilitated between 2016 and 2022.  

*To hire me as a retreat chef for your event, please contact me here.

Private Chef

For any events other than retreats please contact me directly here. I travel globally.

1-2-1 Mentoring

Working one to one with someone who is committed to their health and self growth is one of the most rewarding parts of my work.
No matter where anyone is at in their lives, if the desire is there to flourish then remarkable things can happen.

In these sessions I help you focus on what it is that works for you, what brings you joy or make you feel the most alive, your creative intuitive self and being able to trust you own unique inner wisdom.

Discovering what really works for you and discarding that which doesn’t is empowering and liberating. Taking the time to nourish ourselves with daily practices such as yoga, meditation, time outdoors, conscious breathing, self care techniques and eating a well balanced ‘clean’ diet gives us a strong basis from which to thrive in our daily lives.

  • One to one sessions are via Zoom and last for 60-90 minutes and cost £65
  • I offer a free 30 minute consultation prior to our first session
  • Discount on a series of 4 sessions
  • Free copies of my Holistic Kitchen Ebooks

Contact me directly to discuss.

Consultancy, Recipe Development & Chef Training

Exclusive Bespoke Retreats

Not everyone is attracted to the idea of a retreat shared with a group of strangers, or able to take the time out for travel from daily life.

A personalised home retreat may be more appealing and can be a wonderful gift to yourself, or shared with family or a group of friends.

For only five times per year I am offering exclusive two day tailor made home retreats designed to focus solely on YOUR needs, with the potential to go deeper than any group retreat can go.

These weekends will leave you equipped with powerful tools and practices to take into day to day life.

​Over two days these personalised retreats can include:

  • food, nutrition and holistic cookery
  • yoga, functional movement, qi gong, meditation and time to just be
  • making time for natural self care practices
  • looking at natural alternatives for toiletries, cosmetics and household products
  • menu planning, recipes, resources
  • creating scared spaces in the home
  • addressing any key lifestyle changes that wish to be made
  • finding balance and harmony in day to day life

For more in depth information and to book one of just 5 spaces, click here >

“Working with Hayley as been a pleasure and inspiration on all levels. She is highly professional and comes up with ideas that are just completely mouth watering”

Natasha & Vikki, Honestly Healthy, UK

“Hayley’s food is delicious, balanced, satisfying, varied and looks beautiful. Wholesome food can be a bit dull, but this is the opposite – exotic, scrumptious and mouth-watering. 

Some kitchens are frantic, but clients attending our retreats have commented on the serene atmosphere when Hayley is working. Her organisation is excellent – everything is taken care of from start to finish – while at the same time skilfully adapting to our customers’ needs.”

Nikki Escott, Retreat Centre Manager UK

“Working with Hayley was quite inspirational. She creates the most beautiful looking and fabulous tasting dishes, and her passion for nutrition and love for the ingredients literally shines through her food. As a nutritionist it was fantastic working with such a well informed, collaborative chef.

Food is such an integral part of a retreat and Hayley manages to combine all the important elements needed to support the client’ experience. All in all I would say that Hayley is the perfect chef to work with.”

Melanie Brown, Nutritionist, UK

I feel extremely lucky to have found Hayley to cater for my first ever retreat! From our initial conversations about retreat themes, the menu and requirements of meals to more detailed talks about the logistics as we led up to the retreat, the planning was excellent.

Hayley also offered me her guidance drawing on her vast experience in retreats. She created a menu that perfectly complemented my theme and her calm approach was just perfect throughout the retreat. And as for the food, it was delicious, nutritious and a perfect complement to a wonderful weekend. My yogis left feeling not only nourished but inspired. Having someone to truly trust was more than I could have hoped for. I have already booked Hayley for my future retreat!.”

Maria Widdows, Yoga Teacher, UK

“After a week on retreat eating Hayley’s food, I felt more balanced and nourished than I could remember. I decided to have 1-2-1 Skype coaching sessions with Hayley to integrate new, nourishing eating habits into day to day life at home.

She took into account all my personal circumstances to help devise something that would work for me. Through ongoing sessions she answersed my questions and concerns, and supported me to take it at a pace that works for me, making changes gradually. There’s so much information out there, and Hayley helps separate fact from fiction. She’s provided me with a mixture of meal plans, ideas and recipes – whatever is required for me to evolve my healthy eating habits!

I love how Hayley is a true holistic chef, taking many factors into account and supporting me to find what works for me. Her compassionate approach makes the process such a joy!”

Nathalie Joel Smith, Yoga Teacher & Coach, London