Would you like the opportunity to connect with a diverse range of people you would otherwise never have the chance to meet? Are you already working in retreats or own a retreat centre and would like to be known for offering extraordinary, unforgettable food on your events?

* Read on to find out more about this unique Retreat Chef Training Course and why I can help you become an outstanding retreat chef.

The chef and the food play a vital role on any retreat and is an important area to get right. The job of a retreat chef can be an exciting career choice that yes, is hard work and at times relentless, tiring and challenging, but is also incredibly rewarding.

You get to travel the globe through your work and experience the world in ways that being simply a tourist can never offer. You get to stay in some jaw dropping places and meet people you would never come across in daily life or in a job fixed to one location. You have opportunities to work with local people across many different cultures and interact with local suppliers and producers, plus you are blessed with the task of feeding and nourishing a group of people taking precious time out from their daily lives and routines. The retreat environment can be a magical and transformational place.

Being a retreat chef is a fulfilling, exciting, inspiring and creative job, offering abundant opportunity for you to refine your craft and showcase your skills and culinary talent.

If you love to cook and love to travel, if you are passionate about health, have a nomadic spirit and feel you have what it takes to be an outstanding retreat chef, then this could be just the job for you!

The retreat industry is growing fast.

15 years ago when I went on my first ever retreat it was considered 'alternative' and not at all a mainstream holiday choice as it is today. Back then there were hardly any retreat companies and you either went to stay in an ashram, silent retreat centre, monastery or health spa, or like me you were a dedicated student taking time for deeper periods of practice and study with your teacher.

Now there are endless yoga retreats and holidays sometimes coupled with cooking, tours, excursions and lots of time for relaxation, pool time and sightseeing. There are fitness retreats, detox retreats, yoga and surfing, yoga and snow sports, yoga and whale watching…the list goes on.

This is GREAT news for a wannabe retreat chef and an ideal time to get yourself out there and start making a name for yourself. Retreats bring people together and offer connection as well as time for solitude and self reflection. People engage in practices they may never have tried before, travel to places they have been before, meet people they would never normally meet and eat food they may never have tasted before. As the chef on retreats you have a golden opportunity to educate, inspire and share in ways that other catering jobs do not allow.

Since my first ever retreat experience I have participated in a retreat at least once a year and have aligned my work in catering with my passion for yoga, the retreat process, health and nutrition, creativity, culture and travel. I have cooked for over 150 retreats worldwide and have experience not only of cooking for retreats but also facilitating them myself, teaching on them and even living in retreats for prolonged periods of time. It is a unique atmosphere, quite unlike any other working environment I can think of.




What You Get!


7 days of retreat chef training

Over 7 days The Holistic Kitchen Retreat Chef Training will provide:
  • Daily holistic cookery classes focusing on creating breakfasts, lunches, dinners, snacks and drinks
  • Sessions including natural nutrition, food consciousness practices, food energetics and 5 element theory, Ayurvedic nutrition, raw and living foods, fermentation, wild foods
  • The essentials of working with allergies, food intolerances and special dietary needs
  • The skills to create inspirational gluten, dairy, sugar free and vegan/plant based dishes
  • How to create menu's that support different kinds of practices
  • Key chef and kitchen skills
  • Working with 'superfoods', algae and tonic herbs - focusing on optimum nutrition
  • Botanical cuisine, medicinal foods and healing dishes
  • Creating a sacred kitchen space
  • Information on food industry practices, ethical sourcing, conscious/sustainable catering and being a smart shopper
  • Daily yoga, qi gong and meditation classes
  • Guided walks in nature
  • Trips to local suppliers, markets and artisan producers

Extra bonuses

In addition you will get:

  • Comprehensive notes and a full recipe pack of all that we cover
  • A copy of The Holistic Kitchen Ebook

This course is not about me moulding you into another me! This is about me helping you find your style and flavour as a retreat chef and for you to take what resonates from the wide variety of subjects and approaches offered.

April 21st - 28th 2017

Casali Del Soratte, Nr. Rome, Italy

22 acres of secluded Italian countryside in a protected area of outstanding beauty is the location for this unique training. In a 'back to nature' setting you have the chance to switch off from day to day responsibilities and immerse in an experience that will give you skills for life and potentially offer you a solid foundation to enter a new and exciting career or upgrade your already existing skills.

Early Bird
£995 - book before January 31st 2017
Full Cost
- £1195 - cheaper than many yoga holidays or mainstream retreats - this retreat equips you with knowledge, skills and tools that has taken years to acquire and thousands more £'s on resources, courses, workshops and trainings!



A non refundable deposit of £250 is required to secure your place and full balance is due 28 days before the start of the retreat.


Ps. These courses are proving to be very popular and spaces are limited. Book now to ensure your place on the last course for this year.


In service to your best health and wellbeing,

Hayley x


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