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Throughout the year I facilitate various courses and retreats, offering tools and practices that can easily be incorporated into daily life. My intention is to help demystify the endless barrage of conflicting advice, information, trends and sales pitches so that YOU can get closer to YOUR needs and find out exactly what works best for you and when.      

Events for 2017:

Bloom Holistic Retreats >

Retreat Chef Training >


* Events combine yoga, movement, meditation, food and holistic cookery workshops, nutrition and natural self care practices.

Bloom Holistic Retreats

Bloom is a collaboration between myself and Brighton based nutritionist Kirsten Chick. We have been working together for almost 10 years combining our complimentary studies and teachings into workshops and retreats. We offer high quality training courses focused around Holistic Cookery & Natural Nutrition, open to everyone, with the added bonus of CPD status for chefs, yoga teachers, nutritionists and health care professionals.

One day workshop, East Sussex, UK
March 18th 2017

Summer Retreats, France
July 4th - 10th 2017

For more details visit our website at www.bloomholisticretreats.com
or our Facebook page



Retreat Chef Training

Does the idea of being a retreat chef sound like your ideal job?

Want to come and learn from retreat experts and specialist retreat chefs exactly what the job entails? Want to equip yourself with the knowledge and tools to provide retreat food that nourishes, educates and inspires?

Fancy travelling the world through your job, staying in awesome places, meeting local producers and suppliers and spending time with people you would never otherwise have the chance to meet?

As a retreat chef you have the opportunity to showcase your food to a wide audience, cooking for and nourishing people over a prolonged period whilst working within a holistic environment. Yes, the life of a retreat chef can be hard work and very tiring at times, but it is defiantly worth it and can be a brilliant platform for you to play, experiment and refine your work and style as a chef.

After 8 years of retreat catering and over 10 years of being a regular retreat participant I know exactly how to provide the perfect menu and cater for all kinds of dietary needs whilst creating inspiring dishes that are designed to nourish and heal.

So many people have asked me how I got into retreat catering and how can they get into it too and I always ask if they have any retreat experience themselves. It's not necessary but it makes a difference when you know the world you are working within and the retreat space is a magical and transformational place to be, very different from cooking in the mainstream catering world. As the chef on a retreat you have a beautiful opportunity to hold the retreat with food that supports and deeply nourishes the participants, supports the practices on offer and that educates and inspires. It really does feel like a privilege to cook for people in this environment.

Course dates
April 21st - 28th 2017, Italy

Find out more about this course here >





After having practiced Iyengar Yoga for many years I felt that I needed a new approach to yoga. My body needed something else, to allow more space and softness inside, for my spirit to grow and expand.

During 12 days of intensive practice with Hayley in Goa, I discovered a whole new way of expressing myself through yoga, and a new approach to the asanas.

I immediately felt an enormous amount of trust with Hayley, she has the capacity to be sensitive and at the same time so strong. Her ability to see who you are and guide you deeper into your own body is absolutely extraordinary and she very lovingly helped my body to unfold like a beautiful flower."

Ida, Denmark

Kirsten and Hayley I cannot thank you enough for creating this amazing experience. The skilful blend of bodywork, talks, meditation and nourishing wonderful food has given me so much support and opened my eyes once again to my own opportunity and potential. WOW:)”

Julia T.

Gratitude is the best word to describe the blessing of finding this retreat chef training. I got a lot more than expected, on all levels!

My greatest gift from this was to understand that my real purpose for doing the training was not only to acquire the skills to become a retreat chef, but mainly to work on my own relationship with food. What a beautiful revelation!

Understanding that I can use food to nourish my body and soul without following all the rules and dropping the paradigms I’ve set for myself for so many years was liberating!

Learning to listen to my body and its needs so I can help others do the same was an act of self-love. Thank you!"

Tania Costa Lima, Brazil

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