Yoga... it is a living process that changes moment by moment, watching when we eat, how we eat, when we walk, how we walk, what we say and how we say it. All these things must be present in us and we must be passionately interested in them all.”

Vanda Scaravelli


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Healthy living and lifestyle choices are the latest craze right now. At risk of becoming a fad, health is the hot topic of the moment with an endless array of new products, books, blogs, retreats and courses available.      
I come across many people feeling confused and overwhelmed by all the choice and contradictory information out there, and it is my intention not to add to this overload. There are enough food blogs and yoga websites, no one needs another one. Instead I focus on offering real tools and practical, long lasting, easy to integrate practices that can help us in making our self care a priority.


I first tasted Hayley’s food as a client on a yoga retreat, my taste buds were so happy and my body was thankful. I quickly understood how important food was to my well-being and started looking into trying to improve my eating habits - but there was so much conflicting and confusing information out there.

I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to be Hayley’s intern in 2014. Her wealth of knowledge across many ‘healthy eating’ disciplines including Ayurvedic, 5 element theory, macrobiotic and raw, in addition to her ability to cut through the confusion, meant that not only was I quickly able to learn what suited me personally, but I also gained skills in the kitchen that work for my busy lifestyle.

If you have the opportunity to join Hayley on one of her cooking courses or retreats, then I recommend you grab that opportunity with both hands. She will literally give you skills for life”.

Gavin Rebello, UK


About Me

I grew up wanting to be a dancer. In finding peace through music and the moving body I found my home as a young girl and spent much of my childhood and teenage years immersed in these worlds. I asked a lot of questions growing up about the 'big wide world' but never got any answer that satisfied my thirst for truth and understanding. Music and dance answered that for me! At some point though, I forgot about my dreams and doing the things that I loved, my main vehicle for expression. Life took over and I lost a huge part of myself for many years.

Around 15 years ago after a long period of confusion and feeling lost, I went along to a yoga class and had my life forever changed. By the end of that class I knew this was what I was going to do and the path I must follow. It ignited every part of my being and spoke a language to me I had been waiting to hear for a very long time.

I got really committed. I practically lived in the studio I went to in Brighton and have studied intensively for many years. One yoga class turned me on not just to 'yoga' as we may know it (i.e the postures and relaxation) but yoga as it truly is. My whole life opened up. Who I was, what my purpose is, what my divine nature is, spirituality, food, health and nutrition, my work, sexuality, the natural world....everything became apparent to me like never before. It was impossible to go back as too many doors had been opened.


Since that first yoga class I have been a dedicated practitioner of yoga, trained to teach others, completely transformed my diet and eating habits, become a holistic chef and cooked for retreats all over the world. I have become a food educator, a course/retreat facilitator, made friends with nature after decades in the concrete jungle and learned how to finally prioritise taking care of ME instead of the person I think other people want me to be.

My drive and motivation comes from this experience. My passion comes from feeling like I stumbled by chance upon the most valuable information I had ever come across late in life, and feeling deeply that this should be basic school and home education for all. I am fuelled by the outrage I feel around the culture of brainwashing, misleading advice, corruption and the big businesses behind our most basic needs - this to me is unacceptable and it is my mission to share through my work examples of how we can live free from this influence. Together, as we make wise choices for our health and the planet, I believe we can change the course of the path we have been set upon and leave a more sustainable and natural legacy for our children and future generations.

Through every job that I do and every person that I come across there is always something more to learn. I love learning and feel blessed for my work being an extension of my life and all that I feel so passionately about. I hope to meet and connect with many more of you, share with you and learn from you.

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